Age UK - Older People Enjoying Life

Older People Enjoying Life at the Rec.

Some of our traditional day services have been revamped and are now known as Older People Enjoying Life (OPEL) groups.  These groups are generally quite large with up to 30 people meeting up each week.

People who attend OPEL are offered a wide range of activities, usually including dominoes, indoor bowling, darts, board games, arts & crafts and poetry.  We also invite regular guest speakers to the groups and provide various one-off events and group activities.  These are very informal groups, where people have the freedom to join in with as little or as much as they choose.  This group tends to appeal to those who are fairly independent.  However, people who still use walking aids are still welcome to join us.

Half day sessions are also available.  Lunch is included for those who stay for the full day and is optional for those who choose the half day session.  Lunch is provided by the in-house caterers and eaten in a separate dining room. 

The OPEL group runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 10.00am - 3.00pm. For more information or if you know of anyone who would like to join us, please contact Team Leader Debbie Preston - Mobile 07917638810